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OVIVIEW is a video-interviewing platform that connects professionals with applicants!

Video-CVs are considered to be the new trend in the hiring process! OVIVIEW is a simple, time-efficient tool that eliminates all costs while transforming the recruiting industry.

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How it works

OVIVIEW does not interfere in the recruiting process, it just makes it easier!

For Interviewers

Our research has shown that a single candidate video interview can produce hundreds of unique points of data. More than 70% of the information comes from non-verbal communication. Combining candidates’ verbal and non-verbal elements, professionals will be able to comprehend the candidate's emotional engagement and problem—solving style, have access to full content video analysis, enhancing attention to detail and a talent-wise hiring process.

For Interviewees

Applicants are not just stacks of papers!
With OVIVIEW, all interviewees have the chance to make an outstanding first impression, with ease, in a non-simultaneous environment, obtaining a high valued experience.

Online video interviews meet innovation

OVIVIEW -which stands for “Online Video Interview”- is a truly innovative On-Demand Video Interviewing platform that delivers both convenience and effectiveness into the recruiting routine that makes hiring simpler, convenient and more efficient.

OVIVIEW offers the chance for easy and quick initial screening of candidates using cameras to record each interview while avoiding the need for simultaneous participation and making the whole interviewing process objective and more effective. It connects hiring managers/recruiters and candidates.

With OVIVIEW, professionals can share the applicants’ VCVs among their hiring team and partners and easily share feedback with each other. OVIVIEW is your great assistant getting the right candidate at the right position!

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The benefits

OVIVIEW does not interfere in the recruiting process, it just makes it easier!

Upgrade your hiring process

Enhance the recruiting methods and candidate experience by introducing the innovative digital experience that OVIVIEW offers.

Receive Video CVs (VCVs) and overtake traditional methods such as receiving loads of resumes and papers.

Applied Science and Candidates

Increase your list of interviewing applicants by minimizing the effort and risk of losing potential successful candidates.

Candidate Data Access

Keep track and have access to all candidates’ profiles and Videos, evaluations and comments!

Through OVIVIEW professionals can utilize the saved data of their candidates and match it with potential jobs/vacancies.

Latest news about OVIVIEW

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  • 25 February 2019

    Interview of CEO/Founder of OVIVIEW, Asterios Kritikos @epixeiro.gr

  • 10 January 2019

    Greece and OVIVIEW go to Vegas! The CES 2019 will be hosted in Las Vegas, US and OVIVIEW will travel with 9 more startups so to represent Greece and the Greek Startup System! CES is considered to be one of the greatest expos around the world attracting millions of people and thousands of companies around the globe.

  • 3 January 2019

    OVIVIEW is one of the top 10 startups about to represent Greece @CES 2019, Las Vegas, US

  • 26 November 2018

    CEO-Founder of OVIVIEW, Asterios Kritikos, gets nominated and finally awarded the title of Greek-Cypriot 'DISRUPTOR UNDER 40', New Media Category, 2018.The ceremony was held by the partnership of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Moneyshow and Thessdromena.