OVIVIEW Wins First Award in John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, the ACT- American College of Thessaloniki hosted the Awards Ceremony for the winners of the 4th Annual «John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Competition».  Organized by Anatolia School of Business of ACT, this year’s competition saw 100 applicants from which the five winning teams were chosen. Each team received an award of 4,000 euros to help it further develop its business concepts.

The winning teams are:

Oviview:  The digital pre-interviewing platform offers the chance for easy and quick initial screening of candidates using cameras to record each interview. It also offers easy access to applicant’s profile making the whole interviewing process simpler, cheaper and more objective.  

John and Mary Pappajohn

Gagoo:  A peer-to-peer betting platform where users can challenge their friends. The award from John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Competition will be used to engage partners for front-end development and graphic design. The team’s plan is to complete a minimum viable product by the end of summer.

Loceye:  The team has a vision to bring in the market the first eye tracking software with no extra dependencies than a regular web camera. Its goal is to help every UX researcher, designer, web-developer, cognitive psychologist and marketer to conduct their own studies, without the need of external equipment and confusing user interfaces. 

Avaris:  It is a retail solutions company that specializes in optimizing RFID technology for versatile usage in retail stores. Avaris’ mission is to deliver a product that elevates consumer’s in-store experience while also allowing retailers to reach new heights of efficiency and security.”

Luminoid Lighting:  It is an effect lighting company headquartered in Boston, MA.  It aims to make lighting effects easy to use and accessible to consumers. With Luminoid’s mobile app and wireless lighting fixtures, any partygoer or music lover can enjoy a professional light show within seconds with no setup required.