OVIVIEW gets featured in the Editorial of Beyond Expo 2022

Tell us about OVIVEW.

With the use of our platform, the professionals are able to pre-select candidates through customized video-interviews and video-CVs before an actual live interview! 

The technology 

OVIVIEW, which stands for “Online Video Interview”, is a truly innovative platform that delivers both convenience and effectiveness into the outdated recruiting routine, by making it simpler, goal-oriented and, therefore, more efficient. OVIVIEW offers the opportunity for easy and quick screening and filtering of candidates, thus making the interviewing process objective and more effective, avoiding at the same time the need for parallel participation of both employer and candidate. 

The evolution of the recruitment process. 

Recruitment processes remain too traditional. Interviewers spend time on multiple levels of screening, in order to reach the right candidates. Many processes and bureaucracy take place instead of digital and effective services, while the problems that arise usually have to do with: increased recruitment cycle, screening phases and recruitment costs, lack of objectivity and transparency through candidate interview processes, and very little candidate data stored, so that employers make the right recruitment with minimal risk. It is worth mentioning that candidates feel they are judged only by their CVs, without being asked to demonstrate additional attributes, in order to enhance their skills, and finally the pandemic (COVID-19) is a huge challenge that HR (Human Recruiting) must overcome. 

With OVIVIEW, professionals can utilize all the incoming information and data securely and with ease, in order to improve their hiring methods. Through the platform, all procedures are conducted with speed and transparency, boosting the initial recruitment cycles and screening processes to reach highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.

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