How it works

OVIVIEW is a bridge platform that connects both of the interviewer and the interviewee onto a non-simultaneous video-interviewing assessment. All an interviewer has to do is to set the structure of the interviewing-process and send it to the candidates. Regarding the applicants, they just need to follow the automated procedure in order to fulfil their video-interview! Read below the steps and get familiar with the simplicity of the process.


A powerful tool for Interviewers

Our research has shown that a single candidate video interview can produce hundreds of unique points of data. More than 70% of the information comes from non-verbal communication. Combining candidates’ verbal and non-verbal elements, HR professionals will be able to comprehend their emotional engagement and problem—solving style, have access to full content video analysis, enhancing attention to detail and a talent-wise hiring process.



Follow those steps and start hiring...

1. Sign in

Sign into the platform using the login credentials, fast and secure

2. Prepare job interview

Create a new job post by setting the questions, the trials and the time limits.

3. Set criteria

Set the criteria for evaluating and rating applicants once they submit their interviews.

4. Define the deadlines

Set the deadline regarding date and time of receiving applicants’ interviews.

5. Import interviewees

Import the names and mails of the selected candidates.

6. Activate Interview

Send an email invitation and let the candidates do the rest.


A powerful tool for Interviewers

Applicants are not just stacks of papers! With OVIVIEW, all interviewees have the chance to make an outstanding first impression, with ease, in a non-simultaneous environment, obtaining a high valued experience.


Create your best first impression!

1. Getting started

As a candidate you will receive the email-invitation and you need to click on the link at the end of the invitation to get access to OVIVIEW.

2. Preparation

Read the description and job details, the time requested for completing the interview, and check the “Privacy & Terms of Use” boxes.

3. Practice

Take a few trials on the offered demo-interview and make sure that the necessary equipment such as the camera and the microphone of the computer work properly.

4. Record & Send Interview

Proceed to the final stage of the interviewing process by answering the number of questions asked by the interviewer.