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With OVIVIEW, professionals can utilise all the incoming information and data securely and with ease in order to improve their hiring methods. Through the platform, all procedures are conducted with speed and transparency, boosting the initial recruitment cycles and screening processes to reach highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.

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Reduce the recruitment cycle by 50%.

Reduce the initial screening phase by 70%.

Reduce all recruitment costs by 66%

Review, Rate, Comment and Share information with colleagues through the platform with a “click”.

Create multiple interview structures based on different/custom criteria or demographics.

Explore the new trend of VCVs (Video CVs).

Observe candidates’ personalities through their expressions and body-language.

Minimise the risk of losing the right candidate just by “judging a book by its cover”.

Create multiple interview structures based on different/custom criteria or demographics.

Abolish the need for simultaneous participation on live interviews, especially during the initial filtering processes.

Create diversity based on abundant candidate pools

Our Solutions

No matter your needs, OVIVIEW offers its services based on your requirements.

Academic Recruiting

Through OVIVIEW, all academic institutions are eligible to screen and register the top students either they are graduates, postgraduates or PhD researchers, lead to highest rankings and top student lists!

Professional Recruiting

Professionals can send On-Demand Video Interviews to all candidates without time or distance barriers.

Technical Recruiting

OVIVIEW offers an in-depth analysis of technical skills. Coding tests and questionnaires can be send to all candidates customised on screening requirements.

Internal Assessments

OVIVIEW enhances all enterprises' HR departments and their operations from within! Receive feedback from the employees and raise corporate responsibility through assessments and questionnaires that intend to gather valuable information about the internal company environment.

Our services

Investing in OVIVIEW means so much more than accessing our platform. Enjoy the perks of our training services and a 24/7 Customer Support.

Training Services

Get a step-by-step training session and use our platform's full potential. We are here to guide you and provide comprehensive instructions on how to do so. Our industry experts are here to support and facilitate you in order to set your interview structure upon your courtesy and requirements.

Customers Support

No matter when or what, we are here at your disposal, with a live chatbox, ready to reply and guide all professionals if anything occurs.